About us?


Our Mission is to be the preferred platform to get a fair deal, in a simple and transparent way. Our Vision is that e -commerce with ProdFarmer is something developed by people, powered by technology and available to the entire population. The ProdFarmer is a trademark of Compta, a Portuguese company with over 40 years of activity. As the first Portuguese company with certification systems Management of Information Technology Services , Compta is committed to present to the country solutions that have an interest to economic growth and efficiency of the business , and for that got certification the NP EN ISO 14000 Environmental Certification and NP EN ISO 9001.

What do we support?

So we launched the Prodfarmer , a platform that has as principle "fair business" , where we offer to producers and sellers not only a platform to sell their products, but all the necessary support so that it is simple to use. Provide technical support, productivity tools , so your business can grow and prosper. Whether you're buying general products or regional products , if any, will then find them in ProdFarmer.

How do we do it?

The Prodfarmer allows the purchase and sale of agricultural products with easy access to product traceability parameters. You can now meet the producer and its form of production , access to factors of production , techniques used , dates or even data on pests. The consumer may well know all about the origin of the products they put on the table. The platform has a special section for organic products , regional products and gourmet production. he goal is to build a relationship between the farmer and the consumer a transparent base, with obvious benefits for both parties.